Q1 2021

Determine which chain should be utilized


RESULT: Ethereum is an obvious choice, but momentum is shifting to the Binance Smart Chain. This is in part due to lower gas fees, but it's also due to what many believe are advantages to the semi-decentralized nature of BSC. This can result in greater chance of fund recovery when inevitable exploits occur. With the increased excitement around BSC and decreased excitement around ETH, we decided to commit our resources to BSC.

Identify Project Type


RESULT: We were looking for a project with the highest chance of success in a space where we could make a meaningful contribution to existing projects. We examined farms, exchanges, security products, and bot services. We settled on RFI-fork tokens because there is obvious differentiation potential, plus the ability to create additional features that match other products in the future.

Create Contract Improvements and Test


RESULT: Our dev team focused on plugging the holes in the SafeMoon contract. All key functions were timelocked, we came up with a foolproof plan to renounce liquidity, and we launched test projects. Testnet projects performed well, so we launched several projects on mainnet. These tests also went well, aside from obvious bot activity buying large quantities of every coin.



RESULT: This was a tricky subject, and time will tell if we made the correct decision. SAFERmoon can easily be confused with SafeMoon, but we decided that the name made the point effectively. We are attempting to create a safer investment environment for our SAFERMOON holders, so the name is effective at conveying that message - despite the possibility for confusion.

Q2 2021

Seek a Serious Audit of Our Code


RESULT: Since trust and security was our primary goal, we understood that an audit after launching would not be sufficient. So we were determined to complete an audit before our go-live date. We worked with the Telegram group BSC Gemz to connect us with a trusted auditor. The process was not cheap, but it was very worthwhile.

Address Audit Concerns


RESULT: The audit provided useful suggestions. As a result, we timelocked more functions, set an upper fee limit, and implemented more code changes to comply with security standards. The result is a stronger contract that should protect its investors.

Implement Basic Bot Prevention Measures


RESULT: Bots buy new tokens. This is a fact of life on the BSC chain. We decided to initially limit transactions to 5 trillion SAFERMOON to address this issue - with limited success. We have other ideas for future projects - more on that later.

Build Website


RESULT: We wanted the site to be informational yet easy to navigate. Importantly, we needed the site to communicate the specific tokenomics of SAFERMOON clearly. We decided to custom build the site rather than use a pre-made template so we could control the user experience more closely.

Create Social Accounts


RESULT: We created the initial round of accounts, including YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and more.

Create Launch Video


RESULT: Videos are more effective at communicating ideas than words alone. We wanted to create a clear demonstration of why SAFERmoon is superior to SafeMoon, so we created our launch video.

Go Live


RESULT: As anticipated, the launch of SAFERmoon saw a significant spike in value in the opening hours, followed by a sharp decline. This is due almost entirely to bot activity, which every single new token has to deal with. However, the launch went well in terms of security, communication, and forming the beginnings of a community.

Initiate Marketing


RESULT: This is a complex task that never ends, but we consider the initial several days of marketing a success. Engagement and token holders have both steadily grown.

Expand SAFERMOON Token Functionality to Pools


We moved this up in the roadmap, since our development team built it ahead of schedule! SAFERmoon is now the only static rewards token with fee-free staking. What does this mean? It means you can stake your SAFERmoon to earn 3rd-party tokens without paying the 10% transaction fee while STILL earning your static rewards. It's like double-dipping on rewards!

Increase Security for Dev Wallet


We are moving dev wallet funds to a timelocked contract to increase security even further. This will give investors 24-hour notice before any dev funds are burned or used in any way. Investors will be able to see the amount and destination of all transfers before they happen.

Investigate NFT Potential


NOTES: NFTs can act as a major promotional engine for a project. Those who believe in a project will buy a piece of art that may become much more valuable in the future. While it may be a good idea to launch our own NFT platform in the future, for now, we have commissioned art from various artists to sell on 3rd-party marketplaces. The goal is not so much to make money from this endeavor but to spread the word about SAFERMOON.

Q3 2021

Launch "SAFERmoon Saves" Initiative


Note: This Initiative Requires SAFERmoon growth - otherwise it will damage investors. This is why we have pushed it back a bit with the hope that the crypto market will recover in Q3!

We created SAFERMOON to provide a safer alternative to SafeMoon Protocol, which is vulnerable to manipulation by the project owners. Our project is about trust, communication, and - most crucially - actions that prove our intentions. Thus far, these actions have included the devs renouncing SAFERMOON liquidity and constructing the contract such that the token cannot be rugged. Thanks to the support of our amazing community, we're continuing to grow, and it's time that we start giving back to the world via our new donation program.

Starting this month, devs will be donating 2.5% of the dev wallet’s remaining value to good charitable causes. For the first couple of months, these donations will come out of the dev team’s pockets - NOT THE DEV WALLET. We want to continue to utilize the dev wallet for helping SaferMoon grow, so we will jumpstart the initiative with our personal funds.

This month, we're highlighting India's struggle with battling COVID-19. Science is an amazing methodology that humanity has used to progress from the fields to skyscrapers within the past few hundred years. Vaccines that almost prevent death from the coronavirus were developed and widely deployed within a single year. Astonishing! However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to sit at their computer and mine/farm/invest in crypto. A large portion of the world's population has far more immediate concerns - like where to find potable water, or how to avoid catching COVID-19 in places where oxygen is scarce and hospitals scarcer.

The coronavirus is raging in India, with over 400,000 new cases reported daily. This number is just an estimate, because testing is not widespread enough for an accurate figure. PPE is difficult to find, as is oxygen, hospital beds, and quality care. Less than 2% of India 940 million adults have been vaccinated. To make matters worse, India did not purchase enough of their own manufactured vaccine to immunize their own citizens. However, just because the government messed up does not mean its people should suffer!

The Binance Smart Chain is a world-spanning technology, and we want to do our part to help our fellow humans out in their time of need. As such, we'll be regularly donating to Project HOPE, which is working with local partners and government officials to provide urgently-needed PPE, oxygen supplies, ICU equipment, ventilators, and other critical items.

In the future, we will open up our charitable donations to a community vote, so YOU can determine where SaferMoon can do the most good.

As a final note, we should mention that our charitable giving will not distract from our core team's development and marketing responsibilities. This initiative is a bonus for all the investors who have purchased SAFERMOON and continue to HODL as we blast off!



An additional function of SAFERMOON will be to act as a launchpad token for other projects. If a new project owner would like to launch their project on our platform, they can access SAFERMOON investors. If the project is promising, SAFERMOON holders may stake a SAFERMOON-BNB pair to earn the brand new project token.

This will reward the project owner with new holders, burn SAFERMOON, and reward SAFERMOON owners with promising new tokens.

Research Anti-Bot Strategies


NOTES: Not all bots are bad, but the bots that buy up a bunch of tokens the second they go live on BSC are. These bots have no interest in the project, the team, or anything about the community. They care only for making a profit for their unethical owners. We want to develop strategies for combating these bots. Our team is actively researching and developing technology to combat these bots for future projects. We don't want to publish our methodologies at this early stage (because bots will adjust strats in accordance), but we have some sharp minds considering the problem.

Q4 2021

Anti-Bot Implementation


NOTES: Our team began researching anti-bot strategies in Q1 and has already come up with a long list of ideas. This is the time to implement these ideas.

This may come with the launch of a new token - but don't worry: if we launch a new token, all SAFERMOON holders will be airdropped new tokens as well.

Create SaferLaunch Handbook


NOTES: As we learn through the growth of this project, we'll be drafting a handbook for other projects. This handbook will contain the definitive safety list for BOTH project owners AND investors. From a project owner perspectives, the handbook will outline what an owner needs to do to gain investor trust. From a buyer perspective, the handbook will outline what to look for in new projects.